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From the beginning, a problem with our booking was dealt with by the so called customer service reps with lies and being hung up on repeatedly.

After countless phone calls to both US Airways customer service and also, emails. Keep my money as you have not earned it and my husband will continue to defend your freedom and ensure your well being.

I was lured into getting the card and flying US Airways again based on benefits that I cannot apply in a timely manner. The person write a review for us airways the phone was very nice, unfortunately she lied.

Via text and email, we learned the flight was cancel at This makes complete sense sarcasm. The food was marginal, not bad but not great either. I would like my review posted under my real name Screen names are applied by our editorial staff - eg.

The lost and found department has been so pathetic and the warehouse does not even have a direct number to make inquiries. About plus people continued to wait because we saw the pilots arrive. I believe this is false and misleading advertisement or not full disclosure.

The pilot started yelling at the ground crew not very professional. Our pilot then announced another 1HR delay and, in addition, his flying hours were used up. Again, I was told Other weddings and events were missed. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

Booked well in advance and chose seating assignments so her Aunt and Uncle would be on each side of her.

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Site users prefer to read Verified Reviews. I only receive excuses and delays from Customer Service. For some reason the two AA gate personnel vanished.

She always intended to make a trip with my children, but in her later years her health prevented her to do so. Benefits of verifying your review A Verified Review has improved content credibility.

We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. Each day we are losing more pride in the country we have so loved. If you prefer, this can be sent to us by email. I would like a screen name to be applied NO: My credit union in Knoxville, Tn where I no longer reside since I now live in Phoenix has advised that I need to go back to US Airways because their credit card dept cannot assist me with this issue any longer.

Me, my mother-in-law, and my four month old child was scheduled to attend my husbands commissioning as a military officer but was unable to attend because I was hospitalized for two weeks and almost died I have the medical documentation.

They even offered me a flight the very day I phoned! Clearly no team at work here. The made to order ice Sundays were good.

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Around 11 PM, two pilots appeared and walked to the plane to loud cheering. On the way back to Boston both meal selections were olive based dishes. Through the years we have made numerous trips there of which I have very fond memories.

After her death and my fathers death, I took a portion of my inheritance to make that special trip for me and my children who are all grown now and starting their lives. I work in the customer service industry and if I ever acted close to how these people act I would be unemployed!

What a terrible person. Mine could not have the seatback brought fully up and clearly had a huge impression on the seat from a very heavy person.

Please choose below how you would like to verify your review, and select if you want a "screen name" to be used instead of your real name.Concerned Consumer, I applied for a US Airways, Dividend Miles (member # ) Barclays Bank Master Card on May 23, aboard a US Airways flight to Aruba. The brochures and explanation of the flight crew indicated that I would receive 30, and bonus miles if I completed the application on flight, pay the annual fee /5(73).

US Airways cancels our flight and did nothing to help us reschedule our flight or get lodging even though it was their mechanical issue. We waited on the plane for 4 hours and had to find out from passengers that had de-planed and heard from the gate that the flight was being cancelled.

Respond to airline reviews. Register now and reply to member reviews. Departmental and company credentials will be verified. US Airways will guarantee you the worst experience you will ever have!

In the last 2 weeks I have had to get a rental car and hotel to get to where I was going due to overbooking (2 times in 2 weeks).4/10().

Many of the reviews on this site for US are either quite exaggerated or they are from years ago. US has vastly improved from the airline that used to charge for water. Their automatic domestic upgrades for elites is a huge reason I like them.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Us Airways us airways flight for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision. This information may help you with your purchase decision/5(57).

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