Why not nothing

The universe next door might have five dimensions of space rather than the Why not nothing — length, breadth and height — that ours does. Still, it seems like a big leap from an infinitesimal space-time bubble to a massive universe that hosts billion galaxies.

For instance, this approach was used by Stephen Hawking at the University of Cambridge to describe black holes. Gravity might be ten times stronger or a thousand times weaker, or not exist at all. Everything that exists, from stars and galaxies to the light we see them by, must have sprung from somewhere.

If the universe had been curved, the two sums would not cancel out. At first all the matter and energy in the universe was crammed together in one unimaginably small dot, and this exploded.

View image of Maybe it all began with bubbles Credit: It had to happen, they say, because "nothing" is inherently unstable. Those universes might be profoundly different to ours. It turns out this is also crucial for understanding how the cosmos came from nothing.

But this is only true in a flat universe. However, some theorists have been able to bring the two theories to bear on particular problems by using carefully chosen approximations.

Why Not Nothing

You might remember from maths class that the three angles of a triangle add up to exactly degrees. As a result, we know that on the largest observable scale our universe is flat. So there could be a mind-boggling smorgasbord of universes.

This seemingly outlandish notion was put forward in the s by Alan Guth at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and refined by Andrei Lindenow at Stanford University. They point out that we now have an understanding of the history of the universe, and of the physical laws that describe how it works.

You can put a heavy weight on one side, so long as it is balanced by an equal weight on the other. Even the most perfect vacuum is actually filled by a roiling cloud of particles and antiparticles, which flare into existence and almost instantaneously fade back into nothingness.Why Not Nothing?

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Why isn't there nothing at all? Why is it not the case that there is no cosmos, no laws of nature, no consciousness, literally nothing at all?

Why Not Nothing?

Scientists claim that the universe came from nothing. But what's the nature of that kind of nothing? That's where the confusion lies.

We know, obviously. Why not, why not nothing? Why not, why not nothing? Why not, why not nothing?

Richard Ashcroft - Why Not Nothing? Lyrics

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Why is there something rather than nothing? That’s the big question we’re asking in this week’s show. It’s an odd question that could be thought of as either supremely profound, or supremely silly. Particles from empty space. First we have to take a look at the realm of quantum mechanics.

This is the branch of physics that deals with very small things: atoms and even tinier particles. I aint got time for your politics Or your masqueraded machavellian tricks Goodbye, you know I aint got time Don't deny it it's abuse of the cross.

Why not nothing
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