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This makes the agreement legally binding and gives a record of what was agreed upon. Since it is legal for private sector strikes, it is wrong for the company to discriminate against the unionized workers by giving work to a non-union plant.

The NLRA drove changes to improve things for employees but eventually swayed the balance of power in favor of unions. The program runs 8: Because of this case, the Gissel Bargaining Order was established.

This area may include the terms of profit sharing, wages, vacation and holidays as well as shift premiums. Boeing stated that the reason they decided to use the non-union plant was because of previous strikes and the possibility of more strikes occurring in the future.

If the decertification election reveals the majority of union members no longer want union representation, the union is decertified and can no longer represent the workers Budd,pp. Become a certified FLRA practitioner: The act gives workers the right to form unions and bargain collectively.

These individuals spread the word about the union and attempt to get enough support to gain a majority vote in favor of unionization.

Both articles summarized above give examples of compensation and employee right and responsibility components in collective bargaining agreements. This is the case for the majority of government employees in the United States Budd,p.

Normally the contract will include a step-by-step process for addressing grievances. In fact they took actions to take collective bargaining rights away from public employees sighting the reduced spending would help state budget problems.

Wednesday Unfair Labor Practices and Negotiability: This subject also includes guidelines for overtime and vacation rules. This can be done by employees or the union but it is illegal for an employer.

In interest cases, disputes involving terms and conditions of employment are resolved and usually result in changes to the contract. The truth is that many different things can affect collective bargaining.

Apparently the brothers got compensated for making union decisions, influencing union activities and turning a blind eye to contract violations which benefitted the crime family Federal Bureau of Investigation, With orders regarding official time, negotiation timeframes, and union responsibilities to pay for things they never had to pay for before, this was the biggest change to rock the world of federal labor relations in years.

For these reasons the NLRB found the company guilty of unlawful domination of a lobar organization and directed it to dissolve the committee. It was interesting to learn that the current legal framework for private sector collective bargaining dates back towhich was actually during the great depression.

It includes firing union supporters, transferring union supporters to a worse job or union opponents to better jobs, refusing to hire someone because of past union involvement, and closing part of the company for antiunion reasons Budd,pp. The law also made it illegal for companies to fire employees for forming or joining unions and prohibited company managed unions.

These strikes resulted in bloodshed and many lost lives. As was their right, Gissel refused to voluntarily recognize the union and began an antiunion campaign which was against the law. The book, Labor Relations: This involves being able to interpret the terms of the contract to determine disposition of cases Budd,pp.

This is the union that represents faculty at Wayne State University.

Labor Relations Hot Topics

Local represents transit workers who provide school bus services to New York City. Finally, employer responsibilities included safety measures which mandated use of head gear and prohibited the use of low density maple bats DiComo, Tuesday Meetings and Bargaining: If the issue is solved at any step in the process the matter is closed and does not progress to the next step.

This goal was not well served by the traditional process of re-negotiating contracts on a 3 year basis Budd,p. The agreement was reached after 8 months of talks and threats of strikes that threatened to close down two of the chains.

Labor Relations

Where do things stand today? Before the NLRA, employees were at a disadvantage.

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This training week, updated to reflect the current state of the law, does just that. I believe the rules and checks and balances this law places on unions holds them accountable for their actions and protects individual union members from unfair treatment within the internal workings of unions.

In fact, the arbitrators for these cases are usually contract writers Budd,pp. Download Registration Form On May 25, the President issued three new executive orders that had a significant impact on federal labor relations.A social media policy ruling from the National Labor Relations Board made HR professionals sit up and take notice in Local Development Opportunities.

Build competencies, establish credibility and advance your career—while earning PDCs—at SHRM Seminars in. Recent research on six current topics in industrial and labor relations is reviewed: (a) the decline in union membership in the United States, (b) concession bargaining, (c) unions and employee participation programs, (d) the effect of unions on productivity and profits, (e) dispute resolution, and (f) international industrial relations.

Welcome to the Office of Labor Relations. The Office of Labor Relations (OLR) represents the Mayor in the conduct of all labor relations between the City of New York and labor unions representing employees of the City.

Current Topics in Industrial and Labor Relations Research and Practice

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Jul 06,  · Labor Relations Hot Topics Class Description. This workshop will identify significant labor relations topics that are currently trending and provide a facilitated discussion regarding impact on and responses or.

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Topics in labor relations
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