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The name of my home town is Dhaka. The fight for independence and human rights for Bangladesh starts from this city itself during in Dhaka was struck with numerous air raids by the Indian Air Force in December. It has the total population of about 8.

It is situated in Bangladesh. Dhaka is a land of a large Muslim community. Most of its population are rural migrants, including climate refugees.

Automobiles began appearing after the turn of the century. The city was explored during the twelfth century. I am sure you will also start loving Dhaka soon after you visit it. The riverbanks were dotted with tea houses and numerous stately mansions. The post-independence period witnessed rapid growth as Dhaka attracted migrant workers from across rural Bangladesh.

We enjoy all the festivals throughout the year with utmost joy. Bengal was an affluent region with a Bengali Muslim majority and Bengali Hindu minority, and was globally dominant in industries such as textile manufacturing and shipbuilding.

A modern civic water system was introduced in Dhaka became heavily impoverished. The first master plan for the city was drawn up in The city covers a total area of sq km.

The main expansion of the city took place under Mughal governor Shaista Khan.

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Dhaka was proclaimed the capital of Mughal Bengal in Bengal was reunited in Many of them ended up losing their lives to fight with the government bodies. Dhaka in the s. In the s and s, Dhaka experienced improved economic growth and the emergence of affluent business districts and satellite towns.

The city then measured 19 by 13 kilometres I welcome you to visit my city ones. Islam Khan Chishti was the first administrator of the city. It is the largest city as well as the capital city of Bangladesh.

The Bara Katra was the largest caravansary. Dhaka is commonly known as the mega city in the entire world.Being the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka is highly populated and there is a concentration of social facilities ranging from education institutions such as universities, health facilities, roads, railways, government facilities and hotels among others.

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Jun 04,  · Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. It is located on the bank of the Burigonga. Dhaka is in the center of Bangladesh.

On its north Gazipur, on the south Narawangonj, on the east Norsindhi and on the west Manikgonj districts are situated. Dhaka (/ ˈ d ɑː k ə / DAH-kə or / ˈ d æ k ə / DAK-ə; Bengali: ঢাকা, pronounced); formerly known as Dacca is the capital and largest city of is one of the world's largest cities, with a population of million people in the Greater Dhaka Area.

It is also the 4th most densely populated city in the world.

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Dhaka is the economic. % FREE Papers on Dhaka city essays. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Classhigh school & college. - - Page 7. Dhaka is commonly known as the mega city in the entire world. Because of its huge crowd Dhaka is considered as highly populated city in comparison with the major metro cities in the world.

Few years ago the residents of Dhaka were .

Topic sentences about dhaka city
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