Theological reflection on honor killings

I will take him at his word. Otherwise, feel free to call it an honor killing and get booked on the Glenn Beck Show and Al-Jazeera on the same day. How should the persistent reality of honor killing in these Muslim cultures affect immigration policies in Western countries, if at all?

Hyderi learned that [oldest daughter] Zainab was to marry her boyfriend [a Pakastani-Canadian] God was made up, but he gave us a reason to progress.

Further, such cultural, ethnic, or tribal values are not often condemned by the major religious and political leaders in developing Muslim countries or in immigrant communities in the West.

It proposes setting up a hotline women can call to report abuse. What are people to make of the way local Islamic authorities in the Dallas area reacted to the honor killing of two teenage girls by their Egyptian immigrant father?

I would especially like to hear from Muslim readers I know this blog has at least three. The reporter was visibly shaken, saying that an imam — the unnamed one in the account above — had said the lesson from this double murder is that Muslim families must work harder to keep their daughters under control.

The refusal of most Islamic authorities to unambiguously denounce the practice as opposed to merely denying that Islam sanctions it only encourages would-be honor killers.

The US Justice Department estimates that there are around 27 honor killings in the United States every year — a number that could actually be much higher. The prosecution contends the dad and the son conspired to do this, but of course prosecutors hate men of color.

As I mentioned, my family is from Pakistan and also from India. How should authorities respond meaningfully to honor killings among immigrants here, being neither cowed by political correctness nor too quick to blame all Muslims? When asked about honor killings, support varied widely by region.

Let me be clear: Their logic goes like this: Now, keep in mind that there are over 3 million Muslims living in America. Do you really need the details? And if she gets married to an outsider, then the next thing you know all the daughters get married, and he is left But the conspiracy of silence by both clergy and laity was for a very long time part of Roman Catholic culture.

However, even if this were so, Islam still does not sanction killing or murder for this…adultery is punishable by death…but marrying per your choice is a right granted to both men and women, just as ending a marriage amicably through divorce is a right granted to both men and women.Pointing out that usual "understandings of theological reflection are largely under-theorized and narrow, and too often fail to connect adequately with biblical, Theological Reflection on Honor Killings.

Another Honor Killing That Isn't About Honor, And Even Less About Nietzsche

Culture, Worldview, Biblical Interpretation, and Mission. GORDEN R. DOSS.

Islam, Honor Killing, & Immigration

commit “honor” killings of daughters and sisters. Another issue to be. dealt with is an abrasive style of conflict management. Minor differences to be part of theological reflection. Weaving together her story and the stories of other women with reflection on biblical, theological, historical, and contemporary issues surrounding domestic violence, she helps women and men become more aware of potential dangers in a doctrine of male headship.” and honor killings.

This sobering study explores how violence is structured. Honor killings are a cultural evil, and muslims in parts of the world where such things were part of the culture have creatively found ways to justify these sins as sanctioned by Islam.

BEYOND LITERATE WESTERN CONTEXTS: Honor & Shame and Assessment including honor-killing of even loved ones. We are called to live by and teach godly honor and shame, e.g., honored by being “Through case studies and theological reflections the book shows that orality is part.

The number of honor killings, whether in Muslim countries or elsewhere, pales in comparison with the most serious form of violence against women, namely dowry killings among India’s Hindu population.

Theological reflection on honor killings
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