The possibility of evil miss strangeworth

From this unusual motion, she wonders whether Mrs. Upon the completion of this letter, Miss Strangeworth? Here, we see that Miss Strangeworth is traditional and that a value did indeed pass on down to her, which is gardening.

Miss Strangeworth had completed the writing of her letters and was on her walk to deliver them. Miss Strangeworth had been writing a letter to the Cranes about their baby child.

She notices that Miss Chandler seems absent-minded and disturbed. This self-righteousness made the reader profoundly dissatisfied with the main character, and planted a wish for ill-will against Miss Strangeworth in the reader?

What is meant by her outward social value system is that Miss Strangeworth treats others friendly and politely.

Outwardly, she behaves towards others in a certain way. The Possibility of Evil by Shirley Jackson Essay Sample A discussion of the character traits of a fictitious elderly woman named Miss Strangeworth will occur in this character sketch.

Harper, her personal thoughts contrasted greatly with her polite greeting. The last letter Miss Strangeworth writes is to Mrs. She knows that her letters are harsh, but thinks them necessary to rid the town of evil.

She writes asking her if she knows why she has been laughed at once she left the bridge club, or if she was the last one to know, being the wife.

The Possibility of Evil Summary

Evidence of Miss Strangeworth? Works Cited Jackson, Shirley. As a result, she never openly shares her thoughts. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

The Possibility of Evil

One might think that this clearly proves Miss Strangeworth? She is described prominently as a harmless old lady in the beginning of the story. She was a friendly, grandmotherly figure in public; however, when she was out of the public?

Miss Strangeworth writes letters to those she thinks needs her advice, which is based on her opinions and thoughts from her inward social value system.Miss Strangeworth is evil because she writes the harsh and mean letters.

Whether she intends on the being evil or not, they still are, which is what makes her evil. I believe that she is very sane though. She genuinely thinks that to reduce the possibility of evil in her town she has to send these letters.

Miss Chandler, the librarian, and Linda Stewart's parents would have gone unsuspectingly ahead with their lives, never aware of possible evil lurking nearby, if Miss Strangeworth had not sent letters opening their eyes. Proof will be provided from The Possibility of Evil that Miss Strangeworth possessed the character traits of self-consciousness, discreetness, and self-righteousness.

Miss Strangeworth was self-conscious, which a character trait. An Insightful Look at "The Possibility of Evil" Short Story written by: Terry Ligard • edited by: SForsyth • updated: 1/5/ In the short story “The Possibility of Evil" by Shirley Jackson, Adela Strangeworth believes in having an.

“The Possibility of Evil” Shirley Jackson Miss Adela Strangeworth stepped daintily along Main Street on her way to the grocery.

Character Sketch of Miss Strangeworth: The Possibility of Evil by Shirley Jackson Essay Sample

The sun was shining, the air was fresh and clear after the night’s heavy rain, and everything in Miss Strangeworth’s little town looked washed and bright.

In "The Possibility of Evil," Miss Strangeworth considers herself the matriarch of her town. Afraid that there's evil in the townsfolk, she sends anonymous letters full of mean-spirited "truths" she has observed about others.

This backfires on her at the end of the story. Miss Strangeworth has lived in the same town for over seventy years.

The possibility of evil miss strangeworth
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