Shark finning should be banned essay

Will we fin them until there is no more? And the shark which has lost their measure of mobility will be taken by other species or bleeds to death Jennifer, n. Decades ago, when shark fin became the status symbols, the demand of it is increasing rapidly.

Human had already made an irrecoverable mistake that caused the extinction of western black rhinos, action should be taken to protect the sharks as to avoid the same tragedy from happening again. Since several hundred years age, shark fin soup already became the necessary dish in the big events even though the price of shark fin soup is dollar or more for a bowl.

Sharks are the top level species of the marine ecological pyramids and related to humanity closely. They are not a necessity to live and yet the demand is high.

When feeders of sharks including fish, shells and squids can breed rapidly without limitation, there will be insufficient food for them to consume and species in the ocean will start to decline.

Thus, shark finning compromises the biodiversity of the ocean too. Besides the cruelty of shark finning, disposing unused body of sharks into the ocean is wasting natural resources, as shark fin is not the only worthy part to be extracted.

With the growing economics technology in China even in the world, people have more qualifications to concerned about their health and environment protection; therefore, people should be more rational to consider the cost of shark finning.

Extinction of these top predators will pose irreversible damage to the ecosystem of the ocean. The medicinal value of shark fin soup is not so unique that people must eat it. Sharks of the World: There is no doubt that shark fin as the luxury food symbol in tradition society, is predicted to place rising pressure on available resources based on the expanding consumer purchasing capability Clarke et al.

Shark fin soup, shark fin stew, these are delicacies. The green sea turtles were killed for their shells and flesh nearly to extinction before we even started to try to stop the killing. In this essay, I will argue why the shark finning should be stopped.

According to the nutrition label, g of turkey breast meat contains Thus, Poachers kept decimating the black rhinos to make profit.

Argumentative essay:Should shark finning be globally banned?

It means that sharks enjoy the important position of maintaining the marine ecosystems. Who has the ability to threaten the life of these beasts? Must we wait till they become and endangered species before we do something about it?

While high protein content can nourish our skin, but rather than having shark fin soup, eating turkey breast meat is a better way to obtain protein. With the devastated ecosystem, the number of fishes and seafood will continuously decrease, fishing individuals will find it difficult to obtain a good harvest.

With all this propaganda, who cares if they fin them for food, right? They are viewed as a symbol of wealth, power and status because they are rare and expensive. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

When the situation keep deteriorating, fishermen may not be able to maintain their basic living and millions of people will suffer from unemployment, the economic growth will be harassed due to the loss in the fishing industry. Kolota, Gina May.

We do not necessarily have to stop killing the sharks altogether, but if we keep on killing the sharks at this rate, we will. For instance, the shark fin trade is steady increasing in five percent per year in the late s with the exception of when the Asian financial crisis caused depressing sales and the beginning of twenty-first century Eilperin, Skinning the buffalo and just leaving the skinned carcass to rot and be wasted?

Once the sharks are put on the endangered species list that is it. Shark fin is not a necessity to all human beings but shark finning will compromise our world in an environmental and economic perspective. They are eaten primarily for the taste of the dish.

Shark finning should be globally banned as soon as possible. In China, horn of a black rhino is believed to have some exclusive medicinal effects starting from the s.

Probably people do not think a species can go extinct so easily, while the extinction of the western black rhinos can indicate how destructive human beings are. If there are a huge amount of sharks be killed, it will lead to quite a large number of small and medium-sized fishes loss of natural enemies and growing rapidly, thus seriously destroy the balance of marine ecosystems.

Sharks catching activities have been prospering since the early 90s, it can be accounted by the drastic growth of the economies in some Asian countries like China and Taiwan, which led to the increase in demand for shark fin soup.Dec 08,  · However, the global shark finning situation is worsening.

The remaining 57 shark fin exporting countries have weak or no regulation on shark finning and the international waters cannot be regulated.

Shark Finning Essay

In order to protect the sharks from being overkilled, shark finning should be globally banned. In this essay, I will argue why the shark finning should be stopped. The first reason why shark finning should be stopped is that shark species is one necessary part of ecosystems. Sharks are the top level species of the marine ecological pyramids and related to humanity closely.

Shark Finning Essay Shark finning ; little is known about this controversial issue. We see sharks in movies, Horror flicks where everyone dies from shark attacks. Shark finning should be banned, and in some countries they are already implementing acts that does not allow sharks to be finned.

This is a really good start, but it will not stop the growing trade, and with the diminishing rate of sharks left in the world alive. Should Shark Finning Be Banned?

Shark Finning Should Be Stopped

Every year, millions of sharks of different species and breed are gruesomely butchered just for their dorsal and rear fins. The rest of the body, yet alive but unwanted is tossed mercilessly back into the water/5(1).

Shark finning is a cruel act which should be banned worldwide. Sharks are the top apex predator of our planet’s oceans, and as an apex predator they control the balance of all marine life by harvesting the sick, weak and dying creatures in its environment.

Shark finning should be banned essay
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