Romeo and juliet are their own harbingers of death

First off, he marries the two "star-crosses lovers" prolouge. Now in a quandary, Juliet rushes to the cell of Friar Laurence for his advice. Doing so will give Juliet some time, during which the friar hopes to ameliorate difficulties when Juliet "returns" to life. To be honest, I think if they continued to be gentle with her, rather than throw a fit and scare the poor child half to death, she might have even told them about Romeo maybe brought the friar into it for moral support eventually.

This impulsive act by Romeo sets in motion a series of tragic happenings: Think of the mirroring and the link between Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom, how Neville was born on the same birthday and could have easily been the boy in the prophecy.

Abby-Rose last edited Mar 01, What kind of moron gets into a duel to the death over one crashed party? Tragedy befalls those who do not accept responsibility for their actions, and Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet certainly suffer the consequences for their irresponsibility.

Almost every decision leads up to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, and there are a few characters that also play a very large part in their deaths. Friar Laurence marries Romeo and Juliet, which causes most of the problems, since they always want to be together, even though it is very difficult for them to accomplish this.

Prodigious birth of love it is to me That I must love a loathed enemy.

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So they would have been doomed either way. I dare no longer stay"; unfortunately, he leaves Juliet alone to discover Romeo. He suggests that she take a potion which will makes her appear to be dead.

But would they listen? Assuming that she is somehow dead, he swallows the poison he has bought.

In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, who is responsible for Romeo's and Juliet's deaths?

Have Paris possibly disown her? I was hurt under your arm" act III, sc i,Romeo feels guilty and decides to avenge his friend by killing Tybalt.

She becomes upset, and decides to just lie about being excited and happy, in order to trick her parents. The way lord and lady Capulet treated her was horrible. And have a scandal when the truth about her first marriage came out?

The worst than can be said of them is that they like their rivals the Capulets held a grudge too long, and they may have been a little foolish to just let Romeo wander around mooning and getting into trouble.

Secondly, Tybalt, his hatred towards the Montague family, and the actions he takes ends in Romeo being banished.

Then, Friar Laurence enters, only to find Juliet awakening. In dismay, she remarks, My only love, sprung from my only hate!

To what degree are Romeo and Juliet responsible for their own misfortune?

As you can probably tell, I feel really bad for Juliet. But, when he hears the guards, the fearful friar tells Juliet, " They were simply not consistent with their poor daughter. After impulsively killing Paris who enters the catacombs, Romeo finds Juliet still in her self-imposed trance. The letter the Friar sent did not get to Romeo in time, causing him to become extremely upset and to kill himself.

With the announcement that she is to marry Paris, Juliet refuses her parents, causing strife. These characters are Friar Laurence, Tybalt, and Lord Capulet, and they assist fate in succeeding in not allowing Romeo and Juliet to be together.

First, they were all gentle, "Oh, Juliet, just see if you can like him at the party tonight, ok sweetheart? It does end up causing them both to die, since there is much confusion and mix-up. This causes Romeo to become misled and inevitably kill himself. Student Answers hadijaved Student Most of the events that happen in Romeo and Juliet lead up to the final conclusion of the couple dying.

When Juliet awakens from her death-like slumber, she sees Romeo dead and in devastation, kills herself as well. Believing his servant, Romeo rushes out in order to procure poison so that he can die, too, because he cannot live without Juliet.

Juliet, poor dear, was only thirteen freaking years old! Too early seen unknown, and known too late! With a rash decision, she fakes her death. He could have been the chosen one.The Price of Death: Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Essay.

blind, love cannot hit the mark” ( 33).

Among one of the most renowned contributions to literature is The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet written by the prestigious English poet, William Shakespeare.

Nov 10,  · I am doing an unseen essay on Tuesday on the topic of Romeo and Juliet and this is one of the practise questions. I need at least 3 reasons why Romeo and Juliet were responsible for their own Resolved.

In the final scene, the Prince speaks rightly when he blames Lords Capulet and Montague for not only Romeo's and Juliet's deaths, but also. The Theme of Death in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Often times, authors use the theme of death throughout their works.

This seems to be true of William Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet. Jun 11,  · Romeo and Juliet were responsible for their own deaths as evidenced by Romeo’s and Juliet’s choice to act upon their love for each other too quickly, their decision to hide their affections for each other from their family, and taking their own lives on their on their own free will.

Indirectly caused the death of Romeo, then Juliet took her own life to accompany him. It could be the hatred between the two families that caused thier death. Their love could end the hatred of both families if they are blessed to .

Romeo and juliet are their own harbingers of death
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