Punjabi culture

It is one of the oldest and richest cultures in world history, dating from ancient antiquity to the modern era. The drum is played using two wooden sticks, usually made out of bamboo and cane wood. The chimta consists of a long, flat folded piece of metal steel strip, often with 7 pairs of small metal jingles.

The Punjabis found in Pakistan belong to groups known as biradaris. Thus, it was purely a domestic art which not only satisfied their inner urge for creation but brought colour into day to day life. Only close relatives and friends attend this ceremony. After the engagement the bride and groom are confined to their respective homes up to the date of marriage but now days this confinement is usually for one day only.

Punjabi Music view article Music Of Punjab Bhangra is one of the many Punjabi musical art forms that is increasingly being listened to in the west and is becoming a mainstream favourite.

Although there is only one local language, there are many dialects used diverse region to region. It is also known for its sports and hosiery goods industry. The social structure of Punjabi which is noted for its diversity in culture is been built by the various groups or the jatis like the invaders which include Greeks, Parthians, Kushans, and Hephthalites.

Museums in Punjab-Punjab museums possess an extensive range of paintings and sculptures by many Indian artists as well as a collection of Indian miniatures of the Mughal Rajsathani, Pahari and Sikh schools.


Punjabis are known for their revelry and music forms an essential part of it. Most of the Western region are descended from Gujjars, whereas the Eastern region is ethnically Jat.

During the months of winter they prefer eating rice with peas or jaggery called as matarwale chawal or delicacies like Rao Ki Kheer.

In the Fiji Islands the dholak is widely used for Punjabi culture and kirtans. This ritual is conducted a few days before the actual day of wedding.

Art and craft of Punjab- Punjab art is described as a creation or expression of something beautiful especially in visual form and many a time in Art and craft. The stick used to play the bass side of the drum is a bit thicker roughly about 10 mm in diameter and is bent in a quarter-circular arc on the end that strikes the drum, the dagga.

The Sikhs are largely concentrated in the modern-day state of Punjab forming The Punjabi culture population is particularly high in the state owing to the origin of Sikhism. These dances are performed on occasions like harvest, festivals and marriage ceremonies.

The particular background of the dances can be non-religious and religious. The Punjabi Culture is the culture of the Punjabi people who are now distributed throughout the world. The family members of both bride and groom exchange garlands and gifts.

The poetry is one of the clearest views into the Punjabi mindset. Folk music is the soul of Punjabi culture. Some scholars believe, at its peak, it surpassed the sophistication and cultural achievements of its counterpart fellow cultures, during this time, to become the worlds leading advanced civilization.

This is also a means of patching up with that relationship which has been broken for some reasons. These people would often live together marrying others like them and the customs practised centuries ago are still visible in the way all the castes and religious groups live[ citation needed ].

Apart from these tales, the religious songs of Baba Farid and Shloks of the Sikh Gurus are also important pillars of the Punjabi culture. Punjabi language has its originating source in Sanskrit not Hindi or Urdu as many young Indian Pakistanis believei.

They were descended from the Vedic people who brought Indo-European language and society to a land dominated by Dravidian history[ citation needed ]. Art and craft of Punjab - Punjabis are renowned for their utmost interest in arts and crafts.

One can purchase fashionable duppattas from the markets of Punjab.Punjabi culture is a inimitable amalgamation of several factors such as religion, dance, cuisine, people, etc. Explore the cultural heritage of Punjab, India. Punjab Culture and tradition, The people of Punjabi with diversity in nature are the descendants of the Aryan tribes who came to India from the northwest as well as the pre-Aryan population, probably Dravidians who had a highly developed civilization.

Dresses in Punjabi Culture The traditional dresses of Punjab are very colourful, unique and vibrant.

Punjabi Culture

Women wear Salwar kameez (Salwar is the bottom wear and kameez upper). Presentation of punjabi culture. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads.

Punjabi Culture, is the world-renowned culture of Punjab, it is one of the oldest and richest cultures in world history, dating from ancient antiquity to the modern era. Culture In Punjab The word "Punjab" is composed of two Persian words, 'Panj' meaning five and 'Aab' which means water.

The invigorating and culturally rich state of Punjab is located in the area in proximity to the confluence of .

Punjabi culture
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