Letter from birmingham jail and a more perfect union obama

Therefore, the African American community has suffered even after the ending of slavery.

Both are fighting for the same cause. We have come a long way from segregated seats to public transportation. King ends his letter with his wish that they would applaud the brave people who did sit ins and suffered beatings but still had the courage to keep fighting.

This reminded me of the situation that occurred in Little Rock, AR at the high school with the Little Rock Nine where the students were spat at, yelled at and ridiculed by their white peers who did not want them entering the school.

King vs Obama

King had faith in humanity. They were presented an opportunity to negotiate with merchants and racial signs in their businesses. Todays world would consider that wrong and not professional for the president.

Both of them also touched on the fact that in order to solve the problems in this country, we must be unified and work together. Martin Luther King Jr. The reason that they are so different is because back then King could lead protests himself and make changes.

That shows that the efforts made by those kids sitting in segregating areas and protesting for their freedom finally paid off. Black students had lower quality education than that of white students The anger of everyone disguises the thieves of the middle class Obamas speech was written for a larger audience and was more of a formal piece.

Obama begins reflection on the signing of the Constitution and King argues about injustice by his very sentencing in Birmingham. One quote that really stood out to me in "Letter of a Birmingham Jail" was "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere King addresses a point about the clergymen saying they stopped the non-violent protest to prevent violence and to keep order.

Obama writes about how he comes from interracial parents and how his grandparents faced the segregation problems way back when. Wright caused arguments to arise instead of bringing people together because of his opinions.

Racism not something to push aside and let it evolve on its on. He says his goodbyes and hopes that the racial war will soon end and all races can be loved on the same level. King talks about realizing that black people were victims of broken promises.

Violence just enhances the problem and makes the problem bigger. The difference of achievement in black and white students is because of segregated schools still being in existence. King had high hopes for the white American church leaders but was let down.

I like how he was active with the people by leading protests and gatherings. He wrote more about his leadership and what he will do in the future to make things better. He was explaining why he does what he does and why it is important to make changes.

King and Obama both have the same views that causing such chaos does not really solve the problem. The big theme in both was about race in the United States and becoming a much more unified nation despite our race,gender,religion, sexual orientation,etc differences.

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Sep 25,  · Today racial inequality is on going whether you are aware of it or not. We have come a long way from segregated seats to public transportation.

The pieces of writing that I have chosen to compare and contrast includes, Martin Luther King Jr.’s, “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, and Obama’s, “A More Perfect Union” speech.

The. Mar 14,  · In Martin Luther King Jr. "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" and Barack Obama's "A More Perfect Union", both leaders discussed many of the same issues.

Mar 10,  · In “Letter From Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King Jr. and “A More Perfect Union” by Barack Obama, both authors acknowledge that the African American community has suffered even with the abolish of slavery.

I agree with Sara when it comes to how Martin Luther King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail" and Barack Obama's "A More Perfect Union" speech are very different. Compare Letter from Birmingham Jail and a More Perfect Union Essay. Throughout history, we see our leaders discuss issues with us through speeches - Compare Letter from Birmingham Jail and a More Perfect Union Essay introduction.

It ranges from a presidential speech to a community leader’s speech.

Letter from birmingham jail and a more perfect union obama
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