Jammu and kashmir state history essay

Lost and Unknown kings Skipping over "lost kings" we come to Lava of an unknown family. A strong earthquake centred in neighbouring Pakistani-administered Kashmir killed hundreds in Jammu and Kashmir state in According to folk etymologythe name "Kashmir" means " desiccated land" from the Sanskrit: Notes in parentheses refer to a book and verse.

West Punjab handed over to the British, as equivalent for rupees one crore of indemnity, the hill countries between Beas and Indus; by the second the British made over to Gulab Singh for Rupees 75 lakhs all the hilly or mountainous country situated to the east of Indus and west of Ravi" i.

History of Kashmir

Kashmir Portrait of Maharaja Gulab Singh ina year after signing the Treaty of Amritsar, when he became Maharaja by purchasing the territories of Kashmir "to the eastward of the river Indus and westward of the river Ravi " [b] for 7.

In the second phase, which lasted till c. Islam had penetrated into countries outside Kashmir and in absence of the support from Hindus, who were in a majority, [55] Rinchana needed the support of the Kashmiri Muslims. Abdullah later returned to government as chief minister, in office from to his death in In India and Pakistan fought their first war over Jammu and Kashmir.

Both the texts were written in Persian and used Rajatarangini and Persian histories as their sources. Preparing for a disaster does not just mean putting in place early warning systems and protocols for evacuations.

During Pleistocene times it was occupied at times by a body of water known as Lake Karewa; it is now filled by lacustrine still water sediments as well as alluvium deposited by the upper Jhelum River.

The decision by Hari Singh, maharaja of Kashmir, to sign the Instrument of Accession in October —thus joining Kashmir to the Indian union—precipitated warfare between India and Pakistan that culminated in the establishment of the line of control cease-fire line in the region in July The second work, by Jonaraja, continues the history from where Kalhana left off, and, entering the Muslim period, gives an account of the reigns down to that of Zain-ul-ab-ad-din, To the east, around Lehthe inhabitants are predominantly Buddhists of Tibetan ancestry who speak a Tibeto-Burman language Ladakhi.

A few years later, inGeneral Zorawar Singh invaded Baltistan, captured the Raja of Skardu, who had sided with the Ladakhis, and annexed his country. By the mids the Chinese army had entered the northeast portion of Ladakh.

His writing is full of literary devices and allusions, concealed by his unique and elegant style. This is known as the Kandi, the home of the Chibs and the Dogras. Gerald Cubitt Demographic trends The population of Jammu and Kashmir continued to increase fairly rapidly from the late 20th into the early 21st century, growing by nearly one-fourth between and The three battles were: The fourth work, called Rajavalipataka, by Prajnia Bhatta, completes the history to the time of the incorporation of Kashmir in the dominions of the Mogul emperor Akbar, In the late s, however, simmering discontent over the high-handed policies of the Union Government [72] and allegations of the rigging of the assembly elections [72] triggered a violent uprising which was backed by Pakistan.

A report by the Bombay Natural History Society has mentioned that the Wularlake, once spread over 20, ha, has shrunk to 2, ha. Buddhism in Kashmir and Kashmir Shaivism This general view of the unexcavated Buddhist stupa near Baramullawith two figures standing on the summit, and another at the base with measuring scales, was taken by John Burke in Flash floods in this river washed away some buildings and inundated scores of colonies, many of them in breach of the Jammu Master Plan.

As the floodwaters carried a high sediment load, the sheer force swept away the bridges and roads that embank these turbulent streams.

Jammu and Kashmir

Unlike other states of India the one-time government term in Jammu and Kashmir is not 5 years but 6 years. This requires understanding and acting upon disaster risk in plans and decisions.

People The cultural, ethnic, and linguistic composition of Jammu and Kashmir varies across the state by region. The High Court consists of a chief justice and 11 other judges, who are appointed by the president of India. With the help of his officer, Zorawar SinghGulab Singh soon captured for the Sikhs the lands of Ladakh and Baltistan to the east and north-east, respectively, of Jammu.

But Pakistan and Kashmiri activists reject this plan because they both want greater control over the region.

Kashmir conflict

RajataranginiKushan EmpireHuna peopleBuddhism in KashmirKarkota Empireand Mauryan Empire This general view of the unexcavated Buddhist stupa near Baramullawith two figures standing on the summit, and another at the base with measuring scales, was taken by John Burke in Two treaties were concluded.

Formalising the status quo also does not take account of the aspirations of those Kashmiris who have been fighting since for independence for the whole or part of the state.The state that you are about to read is popularly known as the Heaven on Earth, yes you are right we are talking about Jammu and Kashmir.

The tales of its beauty are not unknown, in fact the stories are spread all across the globe for it its natural beauty is still untouched of any futuristic technology.

Jammu & Kashmir - History. Many historians and locals believe that Jammu was founded by Raja Jamboolochan in 14th century BCE. During one of his hunting campaigns he reached the Tawi River where he saw a goat and a lion drinking water at the same place.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec 1. The total area of erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir state (prior to ) comprised 2,22, square kilometers of which as of now Pakistan occupies about 35 percent, besides illegally ceding percent area to China. The Kashmir conflict (Hindi: कश्मीर विवाद, Urdu: مسئلہ کشمیر) is a dispute over the territory of ultimedescente.com dispute is between India and ultimedescente.com claims all of the region that was once a princely ultimedescente.com currently controls about 43% of the territory, including most of Jammu, the Kashmir Valley, Ladakh, and the Siachen Glacier.

Jammu & Kashmir - History

Kashmir is the northernmost geographical region of the Indian ultimedescente.com the midth century, the term "Kashmir" denoted only the Kashmir Valley between the Great Himalayas and the Pir Panjal ultimedescente.com, it denotes a larger area that includes the Indian-administered territory of Jammu and Kashmir (which includes the region of Located In: India.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec The Kashmir conflict is a political problem that has existed since consisting of a territorial dispute between Pakistan and India regarding the “princely” state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Jammu and kashmir state history essay
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