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In late Baxter joined Alcoholics Anonymous and, James k baxter, achieved sobriety. This was not a good period for pacifists: On his first day of school, Baxter burned his hand on a stove and later used this incident to represent the failure of institutional education.

Their contrasting backgrounds also influenced his development. He took an interest in poetry from an early age, writing his first poem at seven and composing three or four a week by the time he was in his teens. His bearded and shabby appearance, and outspoken attitudes towards the authorities, earned him a dubious national celebrity.

He was overwhelmed by the poverty and affected by the experience of being part of an ethnic minority. The script was adapted for the stage in and filmed in In the family moved to Brighton, and he attended the local primary school.

Although his ultimate destination was Jerusalem, Auckland was his initial stop. Yet the fellowship appeared to have drained him of energy.

James K. Baxter

His poems of this time have a conversational style but speak strongly of his social and political convictions. The language of the poems is colloquial, their structure less formal than before, their tone conversational.

A hugely influential figure, Baxter was as well known for his life as for his writing. A daughter, Hilary, was born in But his desire was to go back to Jerusalem and in February the landowners permitted him to return with a smaller, more cohesive, group. In his short life he produced a huge number of poems, as well as plays, literary criticism, and social and religious commentary.

His poetry, however, was successful: The failure of this mismatch was widely predicted, but the relationship was enduring and highly successful. An able although unmotivated student, Baxter matriculated a year earlier than usual, with unspectacular results. Unable to manage at Jerusalem any longer, he sought refuge on a small commune in Auckland.

That May he enthralled a Christchurch conference of New Zealand writers with a lecture, subsequently published, on Recent trends in New Zealand poetry.

The Baxter who returned to New Zealand in May was wasted by dysentery. Baxter stated that he began writing poetry at the age of seven, and he accumulated a large body of technically accomplished work both before and during his teenage years.

A community was established on the Whanganui River at the remote rural settlement of Jerusalem in Towards the end of the family returned to New Zealand and settled back in Brighton.

James K Baxter

By he had garnered a substantial legacy and could afford a comfortable house in NgaioWellington. Neither Archie nor Millicent had religious affiliations and their sons were unchristened. Baxter could not regulate numbers or behaviour, the media sensationalised his activities, and the locals became increasingly uneasy.

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The following year the family travelled to Europe and the boys boarded at another Quaker school, Sibford, in the English Cotswolds. This period is likely to have influenced his writing providing material for numerous attacks on bureaucracy.

The harsh deprivations Baxter adopted at this time took their toll on his health. Between and he would draft some poems. However, it was at this time that the collection of poems Pig Island Letters was published in which his writing found a new level of clarity.

The wide open cage explored themes such as guilt and alienation in relationships. Oliver, Alistair Campbell and Louis Johnson. His argument that Curnow misrepresented the state of New Zealand poetry by under-representing younger poets did little to lessen an antipathy his erstwhile champion had developed towards him.Selected Poems: James K.

Baxter [James K. Baxter, Paul Millar] on ultimedescente.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Divided into four stages to reflect the development of James K. Baxter’s work from the s to /5(1). Browse through James K Baxter's poems and quotes.

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Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee. James K. Baxter: James K. Baxter, poet whose mastery of versification and striking imagery made him one of New Zealand’s major modern poets. Educated in New Zealand and England, he first published Beyond the Palisade (), which displayed youthful promise.

Blow, Wind of Fruitfulness (), superficially a less.

James K Baxter - poet, author, friend. likes. James K Baxter is still, nearly 45 years after his death, New Zealand's best known & most highly. This is a powerful, narrative exhibition detailing one of the dark stories of New Zealand's involvement in World War I and specifically the treatment Archibald Baxter (the father of James K Baxter) experienced as a conscientious objector.

James K. Baxter is one of New Zealand’s most celebrated poets. Born in Dunedin, Baxter started writing poetry at an early age; his first collection of poetry, Beyond the Palisade (), was critically acclaimed although he was just 17 years old and a student at the University of Otago when it was published.

He followed his initial success with .

James k baxter
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