Informative essays on animal cruelty

Researchers say that violence against animals often represents displaced hostility and aggression stemming from neglect or abuse by some other family member. Sadly, teenagers abuse animals for fun, even though there certainly is nothing funny about what they have done.

Always call the police, and they, with the SPCA, will come to help. Dogs have been abused as well. During my research, I read of two teens that killed a total of seventeen cats. Call the police and try and write down as much information as you can, such as what the person looked like, the type of dog, the licence plate of the car, or the address.

Supposedly, it means domestic pets are the most vulnerable category to suffer from cruelty; also, it might mean cruelty towards animals is a result of pet owners demonstrating their anger, frustration, or stress on the closest and most defenseless creatures this can be a proof in favor of the aforementioned conduct disorder.

And while the majority of the human population realizes the importance of a humane attitude towards animals and the protection of their rights, cruelty to animals still exists. Unfortunately, in Ontario cats were put down because they were either too ill, too injured, or no one would adopt them.

Adults who abuse animals may have grown up in an abusive home. Abused cats have been beaten and even killed by their owners. Animal Abuse and Cruelty Grade: My neighbour also rescued a dog from Hurricane Katrina.

Today, I will be talking to you about animal abuse and cruelty. Sometimes, during a divorce, one adult may take out their anger on their dog or cat, to get back at the other person. These were dogs that were separated from their owners during the storm and had no one to care for them. During the past month, there was an article in the Hamilton Spectator newspaper, about how two teenagers had dragged a dog behind a car and killed it.

What that means is that if a child is abused, they are more likely to be an abuser of animals. What should you do if you see someone abusing an animal? Specifically, I will discuss cats and dogs being abused, because they are the most abused domestic animals. Thank you for listening.

Unfortunately, people of all ages abuse animals. As I told you earlier, Rudy and the five puppies are now living happy lives in their newly adoptive homes.

This includes senior citizens, adults, teenagers and even children. Serious or repeated animal cruelty is seen more often in boys than girls. Today, animals need to be protected and preserved from extinction, of which humankind can be the first reason.

It is the exact opposite — stupidity, irrational and wrong! Good morning afternoon teachers, judges, and fellow students. Sadly, most animal abusers and killers are teenagers. Do not try and intervene or you could get hurt as well.

As it can be noticed, cruelty to animals is defined based on specific criteria that allow us to evaluate the way an animal is treated.

Cruelty to Animals

There are agencies and people who help to rescue animals that have been abused or abandoned. Another man killed his cat by hitting it with a rake. Others do it for no reason.Animal Cruelty on Farms - It is so easy to become complacent in our sheltered world and to turn the other cheek to the violence and misery that our every life decision can perpetrate, and that the majority of the country (mostly unknowingly) buys into.

Feb 29,  · Passive cruelty is sometimes due to the owner's ignorance, so many animal control officers will first try to educate neglectful owners on how to properly care for animals before giving them a. May 04,  · Animal Abuse 11/17/08 Mrs. Purcell Cp English IV Animal abuse is the willful or wanton infliction of pain, suffering, or death upon an animal or the intentional or malicious neglect of an animal.

Cruelty to animals refers to treatment or standards of care that cause unwarranted or unnecessary suffering. Start studying Animal Informative Essay. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Animal Cruelty: Dog Fighting Sherry LaFace COM Research Writing January 23, Erin Fagan Dog fighting is a very cruel thing, and it is happening right under our noses.

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It is illegal to fight a dog in all fifty states. Animal Experimentation 44th President of the United States of America $ 10 billion of taxpayer money is spent annually on animal research Animal testing is.

Informative essays on animal cruelty
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