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Police are typically trained in basic first aid such as CPR.

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The roads are congested these days and with the increasing number of vehicles, it is If i were a police officer a nuisance when there is a traffic block anywhere for silly reasons. In my relations with others in the force, I would try to maintain close rapport with all, whether they are my seniors, juniors or my colleagues.

Officers who work within investigative divisions or plainclothes are not necessarily of a higher rank but merely have different duties. Police are often used as an emergency service and may provide a public safety function at large gatherings, as well as in emergencies, disasterssearch and rescue situations, and road traffic collisions.

There are so many things that I wish to do if I were a policeman. Some countries, such as the United Kingdom have outlined command procedures, for the use in major emergencies or disorder. Being a police officer, gives you great responsibilities and duties and the police man needs to make sure that these duties areas carried out in the most effective manner.

Next would in trying to maintain the law and order that has been implemented for the betterment of the society and its residents.

Police officer

I am a policeman and I have become one, for only on the interest on being one and wanting to do justice to the people of India to whatever extent I could for their betterment and for the betterment of the society. Entry and promotion qualifications[ edit ] In most countries, candidates for the police force must have completed some formal education.

To provide a prompt response in emergencies, the police often coordinate their operations with fire and emergency medical services. Officers are expected to respond to a variety of situations that may arise while they are on duty. Officers of the Polizia Municipale from PiacenzaItaly Promotion is not automatic and usually requires the candidate to pass some kind of examination, interview board or other selection procedure.

Traffic enforcement is often and effectively accomplished by police officers on motorcycles —called motor officers, these officers refer to the motorcycles they ride on duty as simply motors. The term copper is originally used in Britain to mean "someone who captures". Typical duties relate to keeping the peace, law enforcement, protection of people and property and the investigation of crimes.

With this, I hope that we, as an integrated whole will be able to establish a harmonious relationship with the public we are to serve. Conscripts face tougher physical requirements in areas such as eyesight, but minimum academic qualification requirements are less stringent.

I would try nabbing all these law breakers, so that normal people or common man would find it much easier to move around and live. If I were a police man, I would try making things simpler and organized, so that the common man would find moving around the streets is never a night Related Articles: The public needs lots of training to get many things orderly and in place to make it function smoothly.

As with Canadian Mountiesthe term mountie comes from police who serve while mounted on horseback see cavalry. Police are also trained to assist persons in distress, such as motorists whose car has broken down and people experiencing a medical emergency. A sheriff is typically the top police officer of a county, with that word coming from the person enforcing law over a shire.

Police officers in nearly all countries retain their lawful powers while off duty. All through my career, I would try my best to abstain from any kind of corrupt practices; this would in time enhance the lowered and lowering prestige of the force.

If we do not have harmony with the public, we can, I think not achieve much.

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Because of the huge traffic blocks, people in a hurry would never make it to what they want and the whole purpose of going somewhere would be spoilt and one would never be able to reach on time, no matter what the situation would be.

I would never fall prey to any temptations of any kind, in the process of my work at any time.

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The first item on my agenda as a policeman would be to resolve that. Law breakers are another set of people creating troubles to the common man. Some park rangers are commissioned as law enforcement officers and carry out a law-enforcement role within national parks and other back-country wilderness and recreational areas, whereas Military police perform law enforcement functions within the military.

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Besides being upright Related Articles: Things I would do: Being a policeman is an honor and it does take lots of difficulties and tests for one to become a policeman. Some join as volunteers, again via differing qualification requirements.

Traffic is another concern. Police officers also respond to emergency calls, along with routine community policing. With my zeal for honesty, I would try to bring back the lost dignity and respect of the police. In my dealings with the public, I would try my best to be of real help and utility to them, which is the very purpose of the existence of the force.

They also function to discourage crimes through high-visibility policing, and most police forces have an investigative capability. Hence my first motive would be find out the corrupted officers and get some action against them.

Somebody needs to take an initiative and I would love to be doing that.A police officer, also known as a policeman, policewoman, police agent, or a police employee is a warranted law employee of a police force. The Policeman Short Essay for. were officer If a essay police i.

the shots were fired, police began looking for suspects. One hour after the shooting, Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for murdering a police officer. One hour after.

Apr 03,  · What would you do if you were a police officer in this situation? Ok, the scenario goes as follows: In the process of an armed robbery at a convenient store the clerk activates a silent alarm you and other offices arrive at the scene while the perpetrator is still ultimedescente.com: Resolved.

If I Were A Police Officer. WHY I WANT TO BE A POLICE OFFICER Why I Want To Be a Police Officer Career Choices in Criminal Justice Dr.

Darwin L. Driggers, Ybor Campus. Police officers have a lot of authority in society and they are very important people for enforcing the law and providing a sense of security. If I were a police officer I would be excited everyday to put on my uniform to go to work.

It is for this, if I were a policeman, I would try my best to maintain the dignity of the uniform I would be given. As all of us know, the work of the police is, to maintain law and order in the country, and bring to book all those who break the laws of the land in any way.

This should be done with all honesty and disability.

If i were a police officer
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