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The company is the largest Franchise Company in the world with over seventy percent of restaurants being run by independent entrepreneurs.


Anna Openshaw, who is the head of human resources and responsible for the operational management of the section, including policies and procedures, negotiation with the trade union, implementing best practice and general advice. Due to this factor, skills shortages occur and this can cause a considerable frustration for local employers.

Advertising Vacancy in Westminster Kingsway College Wherever possible, all vacancies will be advertised simultaneously internally and externally.

You will do a variety of coursework assignments, tests and examinations throughout the course, which are set and marked by your teachers and externally moderated by OCN London.

The study of local trends can show whether there is a demand for a particular type of job or not.

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Also to bring new ideas and values to the business. All job applicants receive an Equality statement with the job information package.

Which is why price competition for labour is important to encourage more lecturers or young employees to do training courses. The deadline to receive consideration for EA is November 15th with a decision notification no later than December 15th.

Key Area of Human Resources Management 1. By giving organisation incentives to recruit young people and the unemployed, the government has given the economy a high increase in supply of labour.

GCSE requirements for Access applicants: Background and history of company The company I am going to talk about in particular is located at the retail and leisure complex in Stoke on Trent this company is only six years old and is one of the busiest in the region.

Designing a training programme for supervisor skills at Primark.

All students are fee assessed at enrolment How to Apply Social Care, Nursing and Midwifery For information about how to apply for all courses click here to see our Application Guide. The personnel of Westminster Kingsway College would probably cut the 20 applicant forms down to 10 by eliminating, from their point of view, the most unsuitable employees for the job.

Young people appreciate the need for higher skilled levels in order to compete in the job market. The EA option gives you the earliest possible notification about: To be able to start producing for the business.

To meet their human resources requirement, the organisations have to look further afield when recruiting new employee. Modern transport system make it easy for users to travel to and from work, but many organisation may need to make it much easier for an individual to carry out the journey.

This can be seen as an advantage to some firms, having the choice of people who have been made redundant, as they may have the right skills, or even have skills that are occupational or that can be transferable towards similar work within the business.

Torrington and Hall, There is always some degree of being in between the management and the workforce, mediating the needs of each to the other. Under the new human Resources Director the department now has responsibility for manpower planning, recruitment and selection, performance management and training and development.

I feel that majors should focus more on the actual classes that can contribute to the persons area of desired profession. This if often cheaper option and also help to motivate employees who are already working for the organisation.

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Competition for labour Person of specific qualification may be offered more attractive wages package than the other member of the college staff, as the competition for recruiting this rare potential employee is high.

The main purpose of human resources management in Westminster Kingsway College is to ensure that it is used and develops employees. This must be continuously reinforced and started from the top of the hierarchy. The restaurant has approximately 16, people come through it a week and the company itself has employees and 10 managers.

To do this they will need to understand: Also, they need to check if the person that they are recruiting knows what kind of career path is available, time in positions or department requirements, and what it takes to move up.

The management know that there is a high employment turnover as people are always leaving therefore recruitment and training is needed so as to make sure that there personnel are equipped properly to deal with the customer needs. This emphasis on recruiting staff needs, skills and training, in order to get the best workforce to meet business objectives.

A bank could impose a legal binding covenant before a loan is issued. The availability of labour will depend on factors such as age distribution of the local population and attitude to women working. Also have access to expert advise provided by external organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the Association of Colleges and their employment law solicitors.

Organising for Business – Human Resource Management

We need to understand how recruitment interviews are planned, carried out and evaluated. If the employment rate is at low, the economy will be at a high. Overall, this factor will ensure that Westminster Kingsway college will staff will stay retained if only they hire the right sort of person for the job and that they understand where they need to get in terms of their goals.

However the Human Resources planning in Westminster Kingsway College attempt to anticipate demand for staff and to match this to the supply.Find out about courses in the community with Westminster Kingsway College. Social Care, Nursing and Midwifery Access to Higher Education Diploma: Health and Human Sciences Level 3.

Find out about courses in the community with Westminster Kingsway College. Social Care, Nursing and Midwifery Access to Higher Education Diploma: Midwifery Level 3.

Limited Freedom in College Essay Sample. Human resource's at Westminster Kingsway College.

Human resource’s at Westminster Kingsway College Essay Sample

IT resources, leisure facilities and food services. The report considers and highlighted the satisfaction of students who studied in college and use these services. In addition, the report also has the purpose to improve the performance. In Westminster Kingsway College the people in human resources can be the people at the reception, the security Guard, the teachers are also human resources.

Read this essay on Unit 2 P4 M2 D1. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. There are four main types of resources that need to be managed; physical resources, human resources, technological resources, and financial resources.

employability and retention of staff at Westminster Kingsway College. Human resource’s at Westminster Kingsway College Essay Sample. INTRODUCTION. Westminster Kingsway Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department for Westminster Kingsway College is based at the castle lane centre.

Anna Openshaw, who is the head of human resources and responsible for the operational management of the section.

Human resources at westminster kingsway college essay
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