Defending violent video games in adolescents essay

Although they often are entertaining, the contents have become more violent and disturbing as computing technology has advanced. Many of the most popular video games today have either a multiplayer or online mode. There are also dozen or so known risk factors.

More importantly, easier access to firearms in several countries can lead to violent thoughts and behaviors.

Defending violent video games in adolescents essay mentioned by Dr. Furthermore, the forceful plan by the government is a reaction to an exaggeration of the effects of violent video games and these worries are unfounded.

Many of the violent war games being released today have age restrictions on them, R16 or R18 warning people of the violent content the game has, however this does not stop underage people getting their hands on them. We also talk about our backgrounds as well, getting to know each other while playing.

Some people have a tendency to be more rebellious and aggressive. On the other hand some people, although they already know some of the positive aspects of video games, still believe that the negative aspects will overcome the positive aspects. Parents and experts feel that some games are just too violent.

They have begun to demand that the government regulate the sale of these games to protect childern. If someone is capable of committing extreme violent acts, or acting in an aggressive manor, they were capable of it well before they took part in playing a computer game.

For patients suffering from arachnophobia, fear of flying, or post-traumatic stress disorder, therapists are beginning to use virtual realities as a desensitization tool. I really appreciate it! Violence is not just in video games, it is everywhere and all around us.

They can plant an explosive on the door, use a fast rope from the rooftop or simply breach into several doors to create a surprise assault.

Lester Haines,Aug 15Violent video games do not cause aggression, retrieved from http: Many studies have taken place to look into whether or not these games are causing bad behaviour, but in this article Christopher J Ferguson states that none of these studies have developed well validated measures of youth violence caused by the games.

Additionally, although violent video games might expose children to violent behavior, the amount of violence is often not as great as seen in popular movies and television. A lot of people claim that this game caused the two to violently outbreak into the massacre, however there is no proof, and once again, the game has not caused anyone else, out of its millions of players over the years to commit the same heinous crime, Eric and Dylan were capable of these crimes before playing the game, it is however a possibility that the game helped their psychopathic views to be glorified.

Do some video games encourage violence? Many studies have taken place surrounding this idea, giving valid points to both sides of the topic.

The news is filled with stories of war and murder, and nearly every movie contains some form of violence. A study led by Brock University PhD student Paul Adachi has proved that yes these violent games are causing aggressive behaviour, but this is based on how competitive the game is and not due to the violence.

It is down to the individual who plays these games to act responsible, know right from wrong, and play the games for entertainment only. So with this, the violent games are also becoming far more realistic, violent and aggressive.

Williams strongly believes that there is no single cause that can lead to an increase in aggressive behavior in children, consistent with Dr.

There have been many studies based around violence in video games, whether it is elevated blood pressure, aggressive behaviour or violent outbreaks.

These games are evolving every year, as technology gets better so do the games, with more realistic graphics, sound effects and scenarios.

However I strongly believe that violent video games do not cause an increase in aggression in adolescents. If the person does not have a solid self-control, it can lead him to a violent behavior. Video games and youth violence: For some people, starting a conversation with a stranger can be really tough and video games have helped me learn how to.

It is not the smallest risk factor, but it is an important one. These options will ignite the sense of logical thinking and strategy formations in ways which formal education does not.

These games connect millions of people all around the world, gamers spending countless hours glued to screens looking at a bunch of pixels. Aside from the cognitive aspects, video games are also a tool for social interaction.

Allowing interaction through talking and playing the game, there are many people who believe that these violent video games are causing many people to act out violently, recreating what they see or play in these games.In terms of affecting social behaviour, Dr.

Olson emphasizes that playing video games is a societal activity, as teens are likely to play video games with a group of friends or over the internet. Moreover, several studies highlight the potential use of educational video games as a tool to enhance learning and action video games to improve visual/spatial skills.

Stop Blaming Video Games! - My Personal Argumentative Essay

The author of this essay disregards the ignorance of the media and the people by defending video games with solid facts and statistics. The media has portrayed video games as the source of aggressive violence in the people who play them.

Video Games do Not Cause Violent Behaviour in Children or Adolescents From the beginnings of the industry, violence in video games has been an issue of discussion.

From the pixilated weaponry in 'Space Invaders' to the myriad of weapons in 'Unreal Tournament ,' games have evolved over the years.

Below is an essay on "Agression In Teens From Video Games" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Throughout United States history there have been numerous murder cases wherein the defense attorneys have tried to use excessively violent video game playing, as the cause of their clients’ attacks on.

Video Games do not Affect Teens

In the article “Video games and youth violence: A prospective Analysis in Adolescents” written by Christopher J Ferguson, it quotes “The potential influence of violent video games on youth violence remains an issue of concern for psychologists”, stating that.

- Video Games do Not Cause Violent Behaviour in Children or Adolescents From the beginnings of the industry, violence in video games has been an issue of discussion.

From the pixilated weaponry in 'Space Invaders' to the myriad of weapons in 'Unreal Tournament ,' games .

Defending violent video games in adolescents essay
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