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The sound is slightly carbonised and maybe not as sharp as the all titanium XR Callaway golf marketing, but it still tingles the ears and feels great too.

You will have to sell something treasured to afford it, but the combination of increased ball speed with increased forgiveness is obviously a winning formula and when it is packaged in a good looking, sounding and feeling head then you know that Callaway are on to a winner.

Summary The Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic driver is a very good driver and it is great to see genuine innovation in driver design that not only makes sense, but clearly delivers on what it sets out to achieve.

This is now a 3D printed Speed Step that is then applied to the head. It has a smaller and taller profile than the standard Epic and has a front and back weight port for a 12g and a 2g screw to fit in.

This mechanism was first used on the original second coming of the Big Bertha driver and in the Epic it is more on the Callaway golf marketing of the rear of the head, rather than directly on the back to keep the CG lower.

By casting two 3g titanium bars into the body behind the face to connect the crown and sole, Callaway are able to stiffen the structure of the head so that the face has to flex more, which in turn increases ball speed. It solves the problem of the crown and sole diverging at impact as the face gets stretched vertically and loses energy.

While our pro shop offers the latest in High-Tech golf equipment, a Callaway fitting station and fairway fashions to help you hit it further - and look good doing it!

Located only 25 minutes from downtown Jacksonville, North Hampton provides Callaway golf marketing golf in a casual setting, spectacular conditioning and enough local wildlife to make you think you are on safari!

For those that want to learn the game or take their game to a higher level we also offer world-class instruction.


This is because the Sub Zero version is an even lower spinning club than the Epic for me and I could not consistently generate as much carry at my measly swing speed to justify putting it in the bag. It was by no means that far behind distance wise, but I felt you had to be more precise with your set up and swing to get the right results and I got better distance more often with the more forgiving standard Epic driver.

Compared to the XR it is a lower spinning club so even swinging at mph I was using a There are 17 hash marks on the track, but it is possible to position the weight anywhere you please.

If beating balls is your idea of fun we have more than got you covered with an excellent double ended driving range and practice facility. For average amateurs with a mph ball speed, Callaway say you can expect a 2mph gain or about 8 yards.

Therefore when someone decides that they are going to name a driver Epic, then it had better be the real deal as there are not many places to go after that if you get it wrong.

Our PGA Professional, Blaze Grinn has over 25 years of teaching experience and the very latest in radar technology so can quickly and easily help you get the most from your game.

Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver Review

Two practice putting greens; and a short game practice area for those all important scoring shots. What struck me most from playing with the GBB Epic was how forgiving it is.

At address it has a lovely look and shape with a slightly drawn back head that just stays on the right side of being pointy.

However before you all rush out and think this is the answer, I have to tell you that 8 out of 10 Callaway tour cats prefer the standard Epic and I am with them on that.

All that weight shifting has made this one of the highest MOI drivers Callaway has created and anecdotally it seemed a very straight driver when used in anger on the course. From here you can also see the Boeing inspired Speed Step on the crown that first appeared in the XR 16 to help smooth the airflow over the head to reduce friction.

Our club house and banquet tent can accommodate up to guests as our chef delights your taste buds with favorite local cuisine. The Legendary golfer, Arnold Palmer designed over course worldwide and a great many of them where in his adopted state of Florida.

So I tried it on Trackman against an XR 16 that I had been fitted for and it did gain me 7 yards thanks to more ball speed combining with a higher launch and less spin.

Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Course

Just switching the Epic head in for his current XR 16 with the same shaft and loft he gained 3 mph ball speed and an extra 5 yards carry to yards roling out to total. Well, at the launch Callaway brought along Frenchman and European Tour 2 longest hitter Sebastien Gros to demonstrate.

Our championship course is an eighteen-hole yard, par 72 layout, that was extensively renovated inelevating it to one of the top golf courses in Florida.

Put the heavier weight at the front and it will create a lower flight and put it at the back and you will have a driver with a higher MOI than the ultra-forgiving Big Bertha Fusion.Please select your region.

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The deserts largest and best selection of name brand golf and tennis equipment and apparel. The Golf Club at North Hampton is one of the top golf courses in Fernandina Beach, FL. Our golf course in open to the public and boasts superb conditions and an experience you'll never forget!

Located just minutes from Amelia Island and Jacksonville, FL, The Golf Club at North Hampton is a favorite among local golfers. Pro Bundle: App Enabled Golf Clubs, GPS Golf Balls and App code (includes access to personal coach and other premium options) Year 1 - $7, Research and Development Costs.


But it actually has everything to do with golf marketing. At least it does with Callaway marketing. The consumer landscape is going through one of the most dramatic shifting of powers and preferences we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

Callaway golf marketing
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