Bioresonance tumor therapy

Tumors such as hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma are both considered cancer tumors and both of these should be treated as soon as they are discovered in order to avoid further spreading, which could lead to life-threatening conditions. Conclusion Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that can affect the human body, and leads to the loss of many lives each and every year.

Medical techniques involving the use electromagnetic radiation e. The American Cancer Society Bioresonance tumor therapy that aroundwomen will be diagnosed with an invasive form of breast cancer inand roughly 40, women will pass away due to breast cancer in BioResonance Tumor Therapy Machine.

Usually, a practitioner will then recommend further treatments for complete healing. When exposed to the human body, tissues absorb the radiation and causes different effects to the body but most commonly heating.

Each of these categories contains different type of waves, which varies in wavelength and photon energy, which is the units in which electromagnetic radiation come in. Bioresonance therapy poses as an effective tool for identifying the possibility of a developing tumor and could assist with diagnosing such cancerous tumors at a premature stage; thus causing the patient to under treatment sooner, which may lead to the tumor being removed before it causes any significant harm to the body.

Electromagnetic waves travel through vacuum and are caused by changes in electric and magnetic fields. Lung Cancer — This particular type of cancer refers to a tumor that Bioresonance tumor therapy developed in either one or both lungs of the patient.

Recent studies in bioresonance therapy proofs to be something the world can be excited about due to a decrease in tumor size and a slower rate of cancer cell production.

Ahmed Zayed Realistic illustration of comparison of healthy and sick cirrhosis human livers The American Cancer Society estimates a total of 39, new cases of liver cancer within the United States for the year The second is the placebo effect, through which a person may experience genuine pain relief and other symptomatic alleviation.

Bioresonance Therapy: Better Diagnostic Method?

This type of cancer is more prevalent amongst individuals over the age of Until then, we should just look for other electromagnetic radiation therapies for medical purposes especially in regards to tumoric cancer. People deserve to be treated according to their rights, which also means that the patients have the right to know more about the treatment and its actual credibility, also the potential dangers that they might be facing.

The only measuring methods present were the subjective analysis of the practitioner pre and post diagnosis. One of the most famous of these electromagnetic therapies is the BioResonance Tumor Therapy.

Some practitioners also claim they can treat diseases using this therapy without drugs, by stimulating a change of "bioresonance" in the cells, and reversing the change caused by the disease.

Bioresonance Therapy Used In The Diagnosis Of Tumors

Gamma rays have a shorter wavelength than the last category electromagnetic waves, x-rays, which are used in medical purpose for x-rays. Thus emerge economical problems, where people decide to spend money into something that promises to diminish tumor without any certain scientific evidences.

The team of specialists will most likely make a suggestion and then further discussion about the treatment can commence. Stage D liver cancer means the cancer has done severe damage and a cure is not possible.

Conclusion With an increase in the rate at which liver cancer is diagnosed in patients all over the world, several studies are putting a focus on finding effective cures that can assist with prolonging the life of affected Bioresonance tumor therapy.

The Brockhampton Guide to Spiritual Healing describes contact healing in terms of "transfer of Not only so, the producing of these machines cost a large amount of money especially since it is branded as a form of tumor therapy. Surgery may also be presented as a potential treatment option for some patients.

When a tumor is malignant, treatment needs to be started as soon as possible to improve the success rate and also achieve a higher possibility of a positive outcome.

A tumor that is benign is often considered non-life-threatening since it does not invade the tissue and healthy cells that are present in the regions surrounding the particular tumor. Radiotherapy is also often used, which include focusing strong waves directly on the particular area that is affected by the tumor.

At best it may offer comfort; at worst it can result in charlatans taking money from patients with serious conditions who require urgent conventional medicine. Due to the link between fatty liver disease and diabetes, research also points to diabetes as a risk factor in the development of this type of cancer.

The FDA has banned some of these devices from the US market, [62] and has prosecuted many sellers of electrical devices for making false claims of health benefits.

A tumor can form in any part of the body, since the body is made up of many cells that perform different functions to ensure the optimal functionality of the human body and all of its complex parts.

Bioresonance Tumor Therapy Essay Sample

Causes of Liver Cancer Through years of research, medical scientists have been able to point out some vital factors that can cause an increase in risk of developing liver cancer. Primary liver cancer refers to liver that primarily develops within the liver.

Energy medicine

Microwave have a high frequency and is made by various transmitters is used for microwave ovens.Bioresonance Therapy InThe Guardian reported statistics that was found in a study on bioresonance therapy. This type of therapy uses low-intensity electromagnetic fields in order to act as an anti-tumor treatment.

BioResonance Tumor Therapy advocates claimed that in cancer cells the p53 genes are "suppressed," rather than mutated, and that their treatment will somehow "re-energize" them.

Suppressed genes are intact but unable to function. Bioresonance therapy, available in clinics in Europe, Mexico, Florida and elsewhere in the U.S., is used to diagnose and treat cancer, allergies, arthritis, and chronic degenerative diseases.

A variation known as electrodermal testing was developed as an aid in prescribing homeopathic remedies, and is used in Europe for the diagnosis of allergies. The idea of the BioResonance Tumor Therapy was to introduce the alternative on medical therapy for tumoric cancer. A biophysicist from Germany named Martin Keymer, as menti oned in their website, invented the BioResonance Tumor Therapy and its machine.

Bioresonance Therapy and Liver Cancer

Bioresonance therapy Bioresonance therapy (including MORA therapy) is a pseudoscientific medical practice in which it is proposed that electromagnetic waves can be used to diagnose and treat human illness.

Court Says to Cancel the CanCell Marian Segal. After a year FDA investigation that entailed numerous unheeded warnings, an injunction, and a civil contempt finding, the judge found the defendant in compliance with the law at last, determining he had indeed stopped distributing an unapproved drug.

Bioresonance tumor therapy
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