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Kigali Public Library Like a diamond that has many facets, Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda has many faces. By transiting at kLab, techpreneurs are coming up with viable ICT solutions, being able to sell them and earn a living out of it.

It is a wonderful place for people of all age groups. For those who prefer the literary one, I am sure you cannot leave without visiting the Kigali Public Library.

Located in Kacyiru opposite the American Embassy, the standard fare from everywhere is Rwandan Francs, except of course for those who live in Kacyiru.

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From the outer look it may not look that big but when you enter, it might take you all day just to see everything in it, ranging from supermarkets, offices, restaurants, boutiques, gadget shops, radio stations and do you know what else?

The Society Magazine team has done the hard work for you and it presents to you the best places to visit Kigali. It is also home to the Goethe Institut - well known for its movie night every Tuesday evening. This museum showcases many specimen and replicas of natural wonders of the country.

With this background, one cannot expect to come to Kigali and leave without visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial. So let your inner nerd come out!

It usually hosts experts from different countries to train and work with Rwanda artists, encouraging cultural diversity and improving skills.

Richard Kandt, a German doctor and explorer who embarked on the exploration of Rwanda insearching for the source of the Nile River. The Genocide against the Tutsi left over a million dead and many others wounded. It is the tallest building in the country with 18 storeys of well designed architect and beauty.

The building stands proud and majestic facing the sun and proving the UNICEF report that almost seventy five percent of Rwandans are literate. The centre is a must visit if one is to learn the root of Rwandan persistence and optimism.

The Nature History Museum aims at examining the richness of Rwandan nature. Bowling is an American game that is enjoyed by both children and adults. For example during birthday parties for children, bouncing castles are set up for the children to have fun.

We Remember Most people around the world know our small country as the home of one of the most atrocious massacres that have ever been carried out between brother tribes.

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You will find a lot more than movies as it also organises brainstorm debates every last Thursday of the month. As the only national museum in Kigali, do not dare attempt to leave Kigali without visiting it at least once.

Ishyo also hosts different events related to fashion, plays, music and different other aspects of culture.

Africa Business Report

The library has several sections including children and teenagers and adult sections which all have several collections and reading areas. Kandt House The museum is dedicated to Dr. Besides the bowling alley and comfortable lounge, there is an area with sand to play beach volleyball.RwandAir (Kigali), the national flag carrier of the Republic of Rwanda, has signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for two Airbus As.

The agreement makes RwandAir a new Airbus customer and the first airline in East Africa to order the A RwandAir’s As will be delivered in the second half of and will be equipped with Rolls.

That's all from the BBC Africa Live page and class action lawsuits are set to be launched in South Africa.

BBC's Africa Business Report looks at the cost of the ban: the Baby Jet Airlines. African Business Magazine are market leaders in providing country supplements, industry reports and market intelligence on Africa.

Feb 01,  · Africa Business Report 4 - Green Kenya Nigeria Business South Africa Space Race - BBC News.

recorded A monthly look at business across the continent.

The BBC talks to the people and. Africa Business Report - BBC This Playlist highlights a selection of reports from a monthly look at business across the continent.

Correspondents from the BBC talk to the people and businesses who. Desmond Tutu's daughter tells the BBC about her same-sex marriage; Two airlines pull out of Nigeria BBC Africa Business Report. Uganda and Rwanda have chosen to do business with Tanzania.

Bbc africa business report rwanda airlines
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