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Kurt, who also avoided being fired, was warned by Sugar that, despite making a good impression on him, he had been considered to be at near-total fault for his idea on exclusively selling milkshakes and for making unsubstantiated boasts in the task.

While Neil had been seen as a apprentice solomon business plan candidate, Lord Sugar was disappointed he had been let down by a horrible business plan, saying that he would have given him "a job tomorrow" if the show was under the old format.

In this stage, each interviewer questions the candidates over various matters, from their performance in the process, why they applied for the show, the content of their CVs, and their personal attitude with others, and often probe and scrutinise any brash, boastful, or controversial statements that they have made, including on their application forms and CVs, apprentice solomon business plan can usually see them encouraged to prove such outlandish claims are truthful or were made up.

Endeavour went with a design for a chair that could easily convert into a table with storage shelves. Leah was praised for her superb academic record and for blossoming into a strong businesswoman, but came off stiff and vain during her interviews, with Claudine and Lord Sugar noting her plan had the possibility of exploiting future customers despite her denying this.

However, due to the disaster within Evolve, Lord Sugar felt he had no choice but to give the team "the benefit of the doubt". Although he stated in the task briefing that the winner would be decided via a combination of the profit and customer feedback, the final decision was based solely on the former goal, as the satisfaction ratings for both teams were virtually identical, though he noted that both had slightly ignored his point about the business focus of the task.

He then faced scrutiny over his credibility, with Mike opining that his partner "brings the real value to this", before he finally noted that Companies House did not list Jordan as a co-owner of a company he mentioned in his business plans despite his claim to the contrary.

For them, putting their money on the table was all about the team, the passion, the purpose and personal connection. Jordan - For being unanimously deemed the weakest candidate and for offering shares in a business in which he had no stake. Jaz, Sophie and Uzma Fired: The Sydenham-born star finally showed her softer side when she broke down in one of the interviews.

Mark, who plans to set up an advanced digital marketing company, redeemed himself after his disastrous pitch the previous week and came across as articulate and intelligent. Neil, with regret - For offering a completely unworkable business plan, and being too stubborn to suggest any alternative.

Solomon Akhtar

Tim, Francesca and Rebecca Fired: However, they sold less of the accessories at the show, while none of the caravans sold as the customers felt it was too modern. The Final[ edit ] Original Air Date: Their poor sales effectively made them suffer a landslide loss.

Although Sophie was given a warning for her poor sales, Lord Sugar noted that Natalie had not helped by hijacking her pitch of the Chinese lucky cats.

He was also caught out for the cardinal sin of lying on his CV, having invented an award for best salesman.

The Apprentice episode 11: is the business plan still king?

Zeeshaan - For his arrogance, his dictatorial leadership, failing on a task he was most qualified to lead, and for bringing back Leah and Natalie for mostly personal reasons instead of either Kurt or Neil.

Lord Sugar decides on which two proceed based on the feedback on their CVs and business plans. Meal cooked by a Michelin-starred chef.Tonight, Apprentice candidate Solomon Akhtar chalked up one of the quickest dismissals yet from Claude Littner’s interview room.

But he was “buttered up” first.

'It's a bloody disgrace': Claude Littner and the best moments from The Apprentice's interview stage

But his business plan. Solomon Akhtar was fired from tonight’s The Apprentice after his business plan to support companies’ shipping needs took a bit of a beating. Solomon introduced one of Lord Sugar’s advisors. Daniel, Roisin and Solomon miss out on a spot in The Apprentice final after falling flat during dreaded interview round.

Solomon admitted, ‘My business plan was not up to scratch. I was. Since the ninth series, the final task reverted to a similar format prior to Series 7, though was altered in that the finalists' task is to promote their business idea, presenting their proposed plan along with its brand identity to a group of industry experts.

This rule stipulated that candidates cannot apply to appear on The Apprentice, if their business plan includes a company that they do not own or co-own.

[3] Ratings [ edit ]. Solomon was fired in week 11 after the interviews due to lack of detail on his business plan.

Daniel, Roisin and Solomon miss out on a spot in The Apprentice final

Of his firing, Solomon said, "I’m really disappointed but for me to make the final five at such a.

Apprentice solomon business plan
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