A troubled project at modern materials

Except for the change in management in Information Services operations remained. Over budget and well past the deadline, the project did have some success, the order-entry system was installed and some other components almost completed.

Management 2 pages, words They manufacture product that are used as raw materials by large manufacturing companies and the construction industry. This case study looks at the problems faced by Modern Materials, Inc.

SCMS project must shut down. And he believed that outstanding customer service could make MMI stand apart from its competition. Injust as the project was getting started, the industry was hit by a serious downturn, and MMI was forced to reduce its workforce by more than 8 percent.

The Company had gone through a downsizing exercise and remaining staff now had to double up on duties. Woodson was hired in to help improve the company competitive position and profitability. Though an enthusiastic and forceful leader, Leach had no experience in an IS Organization.

His aim was to improved Modern Materials, Inc. The major problem was that the requirements had not been defined correctly, thus some of the components of the project would have to be reworked. Leach recognized that the project was behind schedule and well over its budget but thought the original problems had been dealt with so the project could be completed.

Therefore, he spent lots of time to generate enthusiasm and support for project, including making explanation on how important an outstanding customer service is, encouraging employee to give best efforts to project, and coerce people by using clout.

Confronted with all problems, Wooden suddenly left over. After the merger in in an effort to retain both Information Services they outsourced the department to STC. Furthermore, at this time it looks like the year will be worse than The project got approved in and was scheduled to be completed in Leach had no experience in an IS organization, but was very knowledgeable about how to run the business.

Break Down Structure Apply scope change management processes Demonstrate understanding of project planning through the analysis of a Carol Young Explanations for the condition of the project.

His plan was to improve customer service by improving the supply chain management. Reworking on SCMS project by consultant. West main concern was the cost of the project it was affecting their stock and profits and he feared the worst, that Modern Material, Inc.

MMI went through a wrenching downsizing in that has left the remaining workers stretched thin and working at a hectic pace.

Research papers Tagged With: The project fell behind schedule due to these problems and worse their champion Woodson left Modern Materials, Inc.

InWooden step down, George Leach took over leadership of project. Leach assumed control of the project when Woodson left.

Woodson had been through this process before, and he knew that radical reengineering was necessary to achieve the dramatic improvements in customer service that MMI was seeking. When the requirements definition process for a system component fell behind schedule, Leach would step into the breach and assist in defining the requirements and specifying appropriate processes.

Under his management they installed the entry order system but not without problems. Providing outstanding customer service depends upon excellent supply-chain management United Consultants Associates UCA was charge of definition requirement, designation of system and program specification, and assistance on business process reengineering for MMI; and then STC an outsourced IT company would code and test new system, and install it around company.

He realized that it is hard to abandon a project that they have invested so much time and effort in, but times were so tough for the company that they could not continue to waste money on the project. Thus problems occurred when the code was written and the system implemented because it had reworked to meet requirements.

A Troubled Project at Modern Materials, Inc.

UCA who was responsible to design system and develop program specification based on needs of end user and understanding of business began to make designation based upon what they thought, rather than collect information after field-visit or interviewing end users.

Information Services staff were all hired by STC as a part of the contract. And as the remaining workers had to assume the duties of those who were downsized, it was difficult for them to find the time to get involved in reengineering and defining requirements of the system.

He also understood that radical reengineering was terribly hard to accomplish because it would require enthusiastic participation by workers who would have to make radical changes in how they did their jobs, and that degree of change is hard for most people.

Harvey Wooden was hired in as vice president of quality by Modern Materials, Inc. During this, the project requirements still had not been defined but the design of the system started.They manufacture product that are used as raw materials by large manufacturing companies and the construction industry.

After the merger in in an. A Troubled Project at Modern Materials, Inc. A Review of the Literature Makeba N Clark Regis University Author Note This Paper Was Prepared For MSCC If your project is over budget and behind schedule, do you scrap it and start over, or try to fix it?

Here’s how to decide, and what comes next. 4 steps to turning around a. A Troubled Project at Modern Materials, Inc Bridgette-Ann R. Mcken Regis University A TROUBLED PROJECT AT MODERN MATERIALS 2 Abstract In through mergers and acquisitions Modern Materials.

was established. in. Free Essay: A Troubled Project at Modern Materials, Inc.

A Troubled Project at Modern Materials Inc

A Review of the Literature Makeba N Clark Regis University Author Note This Paper Was Prepared For. ITIS case study Done By: Hanan Khalid Latifa Rashid Sara Alrowaiei A Troubled Project At Modern Materials, INC.

SCMS Problems.

A troubled project at modern materials
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