A discussion on the relation between drugs and crime

Although Goldstein is limited by its focus on violence, the framework it suggests is obviously applicable to nonviolent crimes. The necessity of developing preventive strategies is felt more than before.

The average age of the prisoners was This cross sectional descriptive analytical study was designed and carried out to determine the relationship between the type of crime and the drug abused by addicted prisoners.

Idaho state police statistical analysis center; Drugs are not always illegal, and their sale and use does not always lead to crime. Moreover, many criminals are under the influence of drugs while committing crimes.

World Drug Report Nevertheless, drugs and crime are related to each other in at least three ways. With increased drug abuse, delinquency rate and its intensity increased. Addicts are forced to commit crime to acquire drugs.

Drug trafficking is another outcome of drug abuse 1. Inciardi and McElrath contains a series of papers on the drugs-crime connection, including Paul J.

Two edited volumes, Tonry and Wilson and National Institute of Justiceoffer a wide-ranging look at the current knowledge concerning the drugs-crime relationship. The crimes of opiate drug abusers opium syrup, opium, heroin and Iranian crack in order of priority included: The statistical population consisted of all addicted male prisoners in Zahedan central prison who were under methadone maintenance treatment in prison.

Conceived in general terms, Goldstein is suggesting that the psychopharmacological effect of drugs can increase the chances of any kind of crime occurring, the perceived need for drugs can increase predatory crimes e. An analysis of national data on the prevalence of alcohol involvement in crime.

There was a direct relationship between the level of drug abuse and the type of drug and committed crimes.

Alcohol has the highest relationship with aggressive crimes. The crimes of hallucinogenic drugs hashish, psychotropic pills, glass or methamphetamine included: General Overviews Several general treatments provide a comprehensive review of the drugs-crime relationship.

Addicts are not hired. According to reports, criminals who had abused drugs and alcohol simultaneously committed When drugs are illegal, illicit market participants are unlikely to report being victimized to the police, which means that predators are more likely to prey on them; in turn, there may be retaliation when this happens.

Drug abusers commit crimes to pay for their drugs and this inflicts damages to the society. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Thus the cycle of poverty, addiction, and crime is repeated. Project was conducted without financial support. Raheleh Rafaiee designed the study, Alireza Sargolzaiee gathered input data, R.The relationship between drugs and crime has a long history and is a mainstay of fiction, widely documented in media reports, and the subject of substantial scientific investigation.

Drugs are not always illegal, and their sale and use does not always lead to crime. Nevertheless, drugs and crime are. Dec 22,  · The Relationship Between the Type of Crime and Drugs in Addicted Prisoners in Zahedan Central Prison Raheleh Rafaiee, 1, * Saeede Olyaee, 2 and Alireza Sargolzaiee 3 1 Shahroud University of Medical Sciences, Shahroud, IR Iran.

This is supported in the work of Makkai () whereby the argument that much of the Australian discussion on illicit drugs and crime ‘is ill defined, simplistic, and lacking in evidence’ where an assumption that there is a causal relationship between drug use and crime is made without sufficient supporting evidence.


The connection between drugs and crime has been well established. The basic relationship between drug use and crime is simple. It is illegal to possess, manufacture or distribute drugs with the potential for abuse such as marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamine or to misuse prescription drug medication.

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Crimes do not have to involve drugs; however, the first thing that happens when a crime is committed, whether a murder, a wreck, or theft, is a thorough search for drugs to determine if drugs and the crime have a relationship.

The Relationship Between Illicit Drugs and Violence in Major Drug Countries by Illicit drugs and crime have been linked far before the onset of drug prohibition.

relation to both illicit and licit drugs. While the literature indicates that there is an.

A discussion on the relation between drugs and crime
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