A analysis of statement and background of the college of business cob

In addition to their coursework, students are expected to develop research papers to present at conferences and to submit to journals. No graduate business program currently requires a thesis for graduation.

We maintain and develop current and responsive curriculum that prepares students for the global business environment through broad exposure to key business disciplines.

The Graduate Certificate in Management MGMT-GC is a credit program designed to develop conceptual, interpersonal, and practical problem-solving skills that apply to the management of for-profit, non-profit, and governmental organizations. Students entering the Ph. COB Statement of Mission and Core Values We educate a diverse population of current and future business professionals to successfully and ethically meet the challenges of the global business environment.

Undergraduate Students in Graduate Business Courses UA Little Rock seniors who are within 15 semester hours of completing baccalaureate degrees with a 3. Students failing to earn a 3. Consequently, students should take the research core courses early in their program so that they can apply the concepts learned throughout their program.

A student currently enrolled in one program may enter the concurrent program by obtaining admission to the other program and by filing the form referred to above. Foundation courses may not be taken as electives.

College of Business

Begin your dissertation preparation and research starting the very first day of your Ph. At the completion of the MBA program, students should be able to demonstrate the following: Time Limit All degree requirements must be completed within six years of admission to the program.

International Students International students must present a score of or more on the paper-based Test of English as a Foreign Language TOEFLor more on the computer-based version, or 79 or more on the Internet version.

The program is designed to equip students with a specialized knowledge of human behavior in the workplace and in the application of this knowledge to human resource functions. Financial Assistance A limited number of graduate assistantships are offered each year to qualified students.

Through active engagement with the local, regional, national, and global communities, our faculty strive to deliver a high-quality business education via experiential education, a relevant curriculum, and scholarly contributions.

Students interested in this certificate program should contact the Chair of the Department of Business Information Systems at We pursue collaborative partnerships between our internal and external stakeholders to impact and promote life-long and experiential learning, research, service, and community engagement.

The program can be customized to meet varying career goals for those with or without previous technology or business course work. The following degree program describes typical requirements for the more common academic backgrounds entering the Management Science doctoral program.

If you contact your advisor via email include your name, IDand a list of the courses you plan to take the next semester. The goal of the program is to position graduates for advancement in the information systems field. Reenrolling in Graduate Business Programs Former graduate business students, those students who have already graduated or who have become inactive, must reapply and meet current admission standards before returning for further graduate business studies.

General Policies and Guidelines Application Deadlines for Graduate Business Programs Completed applications with all required documentation must be received by the College of Business by the following deadlines: Six of the nine required credit hours for the OC concentration count as electives in the MBA program.

Students are advised to strengthen their background in mathematical skills, including Calculus, and in basic statistical analysis before entering the program.

If a student drops, withdraws, or requests an incomplete this will not be considered a successful completion. Students must consider their research goals and interest very early in their program. This application is available in BOSS.

We commit to being responsible and accountable in our operations at all levels, including assessment and continuous improvement of our academic programs and transparency in our fiscal and operational proceedings.

Students simultaneously enrolled in the MBA and a certificate must meet the admission standards for both the MBA and certificate program.

Electives Students can count only one directed independent study course as an elective. To be enrolled with transient status, students must meet UALR admission standards and provide a letter of good standing from their current school.

Transfer credit must be no more than five years old and must have a letter grade of B or greater. We strive to provide a physical infrastructure with appropriate technology that provides an environment in which our students and faculty can thrive professionally and intellectually.

While electives are generally graduate business courses, graduate business students may take up to six elective hours in other UALR graduate programs.COB Statement of Mission and Core Values We educate a diverse population of current and future business professionals to successfully and ethically meet the challenges of the global business.

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Vision, Mission & Values

College of Business (COB) The College of Business requirements for the BBA degree will include the following additional requirements: • 46 credits of mandatory core business courses (including 1-credit hour for summer internship) 2 Financial Statement Analysis - 3 cr.

Course work requirements for the Ph.D. in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Science consists of major and supporting fields of at least 33 hours and a research core of 12 hours.

The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics (BUSA-GC) is a credit program designed to provide students with skill development in the high-demand field of data analytics.

Program requirements include courses from both the Department of Business Information Systems. The following Strategic Plan for the College of Business reviews the College of Business mission statement, summarizes an analysis of the environment, catalogues the assumptions made in the planning process, and discusses three (3) major goals for the College of Business: Improve Quality.

A analysis of statement and background of the college of business cob
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